The Warner Sallman Collection

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The man who rendered Jesus for the age of duplication

With the race for best-known artist of the century nearly over, Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol are running neck and neck, with Andrew Wyeth a respectable third. But when the official tally is made, all three are likely to be buried in a landslide vote for Warner E. Sallman. Read more at

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The face that’s everywhere

We’ve all seen it. An entire generation grew up with this image of Jesus in their minds. But who made it, and how did it become so popular? Read more

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Places to see artists’ passion for Christ

“For nearly two millennia, Christians around the world have created images of Jesus. But just as the precise understanding of who Jesus was, and what his life means, always has varied, Christian artists have portrayed him in a staggering range of ways,” says art historian David Morgan of Valparaiso University. … For Easter weekend, he shares with USA TODAY’s Shawn Sell some distinctive images found throughout the world. Read more at

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