The Warner Sallman Collection

Scheierman Gallery

galleriesMajor works from the Sallman Collection are on display in the Scheierman Gallery, located in the York Performance Hall on the campus of Anderson University, in Anderson, Indiana. The Scheierman Gallery was built in 2012 through the generous donation of Mabel Scheierman. She and her late husband, Kenneth Scheierman, have been dedicated members of the Church of God and generous supporters of Anderson University. For many years, a copy of Sallman’s Head of Christ hung in the Scheierman home, giving the family comfort and joy as they shared their lives together. It is their desire that those who come to Anderson University can enjoy Sallman’s original pieces in person.

The Sallman Collection was first displayed in 1986 in the Jessie C. Wilson Galleries at Anderson University; the Wilson Galleries were the primary venue for the collection until it was transferred to the Scheierman Gallery in 2012.