The Warner Sallman Collection

Remembering a family friend

by Suzanne Apgar

Warner Sallman was a family friend. I lived on Bryn Mawr Ave. and attended the Swedish Covenant Church, where Mr. Sallman and his wife, Ruth, were members. When I was baptised in 1952, at the age of six, I was given an autographed print of “The Head of Christ”. The last time I saw him was Christmas Eve, 1959, at the midnight service at SCC. Mr. Sallman was presenting a pastel of Mother and Child during the service. Afterward, my mother went to speak with some old friends and I waited for her at the back of the sanctuary. Suddenly, someone put his arms around me from behind and said, “Suzie, how are you?” It was Mr. Sallman. When you look up the definition of “Christian”, Warner Sallman’s picture should appear. He was a truly kind and generous man. I will never forget him.


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