The Warner Sallman Collection

No words were ever needed

by Patty Strong

As a child I would stay at my Grandma’s house. I would have a hard time falling asleep, but there was this picture of Christ holding the sheep in the bedroom I slept in. It always gave me great comfort and I would then fall peacefully asleep. When she died in 1976 I asked and received that picture. It hung in my home for many years, but after a move it ended up in my basement until today. As I was going through some things I came across it … the flood of emotions!!! Now reading about the artist makes it even more special. My Grandparents were immigrants and did not speak English, but with this amazing picture no words were ever needed.

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Looking for the stone

by Carol Allison

I first saw copies of Sallman’s paintings of Jesus when I was 6 or 7, in the early 1940s. We had just started going to church. The copies of these paintings used to be on fans that were passed out in church. I remember one night during our revival meetings that two young sisters sang the song “Oh, I’ve found that Stone that was hewn out of the mountain, Lord, I’ve found that stone that came rolling down from Babylon. I’ve found that Stone that was hewn out of the mountain, Lord, tearing down the kingdom of this world. Jesus is the Stone that . . .” Before they started singing they had gone to the back of the church, the lights were turned out, and they came searching all over the sanctuary looking for that Stone. When they got to the front, they shined a flashlight on one of Sallman’s pictures of Christ. It was very impressive. I’ve never gotten over that night when they sang that song, and when I first saw Sallman’s paintings.

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The man who rendered Jesus for the age of duplication

With the race for best-known artist of the century nearly over, Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol are running neck and neck, with Andrew Wyeth a respectable third. But when the official tally is made, all three are likely to be buried in a landslide vote for Warner E. Sallman. Read more at

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