Does Florida Homeowners Insurance cover art?

Anyone who has built or purchased a house has considered Florida homeowners insurance coverage. The necessity of this insurance coverage is well understood to have you backed up in the event of the unforeseen. In addition, this coverage will be able to protect you financially if a disaster were to occur.

Do you own art? Do you know if your art is protected by your policy? Keep reading below to find out more regarding this coverage and if it protects your art. 

Why purchase Florida Homeowners Insurance?

Florida residents know their homes are at high risk for disaster. According to Homeowners Insurance Florida, this is mostly due to the frequency of storms, tornadoes, and high winds.  However, the inability to determine when to take up a policy, where to get these services, and how insurance companies control the entire process.

You need to make sure a policy or else completely losing your home and being financially ruined. There is simply no choice but to be covered here in the Sunshine State.

Is my art covered?

There are four main reasons why you should consider taking up Florida homeowners insurance coverage. Keep reading below to find out what exactly is covered by a policy. 

1. For property coverage – Homeowners will cover your personal property and physical structures around your home. So since you are here at Warner Sallman, we know you love art. Personal property coverage will be able to cover your art inside your home. Remember though that this is up to a certain limit. If you think you will need additional coverage be sure to speak to an agent. 

2. For liability coverage – let us say, unfortunately, a person who is not under the cover is injured and dies in your premises. Homeowners coverage caters for that legal responsibility. It also covers injuries and damages that may befall on an individual or property that is next to your home. For example a tree from your compound falling on a vehicle parked in the slot near your home. You do not have to take the responsibility; the cover caters for that.

3. For the satisfaction of mortgage lenders – in case you have a mortgage, most banks and other financial institutions that lend money, requires you to have an insurance cover for it before listing them on the policy.

4. Other expenses – some other expenses may arise when a destroyed home, damaged as a result of any form of disaster, is under repair. Such costs may include staying in a hotel or at a rental apartment during the fix-ups. The insurance policy only requires an individual named in it to live in a hotel or apartment.


The premiums on homeowner covers get determined by the worth of the home and the structures or contents within it. The high standard of living in Florida and other parts of the world, many people choose not to get a Florida homeowners insurance coverage from someone like this. However, “prevention is better than cure” since the cost of replacement is obviously higher compared to the premiums you will pay on the cover every month.

With all the above in mind, every homeowner should consider taking up Florida homeowners insurance coverage. You will need a policy in order to protect yourself financially and to protect your home. Why take the risk?